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Mustache Bash Photo Booth


I’ve got something special for all of you. I’m excited about this because it’s one of the best apps I’ve seen in a while.

Last week, I finally met Austin Church in San Diego face to face. He owns Bright Newt, is a writer, and an app developer. He’s spoken at TED conferences. He’s the real deal and one of the smartest people in the industry. The reason I am telling you this is because, as many of you know, high quality people tend to produce high quality products.

Developers who have top tier apps don’t usually share their amazing work with everybody. It’s one of those weird personality traits. Austin breaks those rules and is ready to allow everyone a chance to have the same success he has had. I feel extremely lucky to have made a connection with Austin that allows me to bring this awesome code to you guys.

This app is different because it’s an entertainment and photo app. That brings with it some new opportunities (will discuss below) and exciting possibilites. Austin’s first try with this code did OK…pulling in over 600,000 downloads so far.


600,000+ downloads of the free version
Top 100 overall app in 44 countries, Top 10 in 3 countries, #1 in two countries (for photo apps)
Pulls in about $1,000/mo in passive income….twelve months after being released (THAT IS INSANE!)
Made over $12,500+ in that same time period
5 versions of updates and code cleanup (this version is the latest)



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